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Access to Bonus Incentives and Certificates for New 2018 PAID ACCESS Members for a Limited Time
First and foremost PGNPVC is a tested and true travel club. We have worked hard to become one of the best providers of travel in the industry. 

Add it all up & the PGNPVC member services, partners and suppliers have been serving our clients, customers, members and sales representatives for over 23 years.


 PGN was founded as a supplier to travel wholesalers
 PGN Member Services Division is one of our Fully licensed, bonded, and insured travel companies
 Corporate memberships available Ask about employee's options
 Suppliers serving members over 20 plus years
 PGNPVC Partnership goal for 2018 (100 plus countries) 

PGNPVC Travel Club is here to provide you with outstanding leisure time opportunities. Were not allowed to share the actual name of any of our suppliers as part of our contracts, so we will refer to them as t/s and they were founded in 1981 as a supplier to travel wholesalers. In 1991 they actually got into the travel club business 

PGNPVC has taken the travel industry and shaken it up as we offer to all members, 24/7 access to your private PGN travel portal that provides access to our inventory offering choices of up to 6,400 resorts and luxury condos around the globe for as low as $299.00 per week.

As a PGNPVC 2018 newly PAID ACCESS Member, you may also have access to over 20,000 in travel and service incentives for a limited time that may be used by yourself or anyone you give them to. (Rules and Regulations do apply)

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The PGN/PVC Travel Club member services is awesome and being able to book all of our resorts and condos on line is a breeze...Orlando, Florida

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Most of the other Vacation Clubs and Timeshare Programs located above are usually purchased through a Time Share Presentation for an average of $8,000 to $50,000 upfront with associated yearly fees and confusing point systems attached
 Ask your sales rep. for a 15 minute private tour of all password protected pages & be sure to ask for your complimentary choice of Vacations Certificate!
The PGNPVC Travel Club is taking everything back to its roots. What we have done is take all the good things from the t/s industry, leave the bad things behind;  Merged it together and formed this PGNPVC Travel Club. 

PGNPVC has basically turned the clock back 25 years and let you buy something today for what it would have cost 20 years ago.

Our PGNPVC Travel Club works with our fully licensed, bonded and insured T/S travel company as complete Partners to be able to offer this club membership at a onetime wholesale price point that is only discussed in a private presentation direct and over the Internet.

Between our partners serving over 250,000 member families. We handle the contracted end of the members web portals with access for all of our members 24/7. With all of our newest relationships and new partners, 2018 will become a banner year for us as we have joined forces with additional travel providers and marketers that provide many additional programs that will provide training and aid in the development of business associates in addition to this incredible travel club

The Organizations and ongoing negotiations with our contracts is how we will keep our price points below wholesale. View Testimonies Here